Outlandish Sony PSP2 design flaunts flexible OLED screen

Is it us, or isn't it a bit ironic that the same week Sony's newest Playstation Portable (PSP-3000) becomes available, a fantastic design for a future model bursts on the scene? While the PSP-3000 has scant few innovations, this design concept by Tai Chiem is dripping with luscious, yet nonexistent, tech. Check out that scrolling OLED screen, morphing the clunky design of today's PSP into a cylinder akin to a magic wand. Its speakers on each end double as controls, and an electrical charge holds the screen upright. Remarkable.

I'm holding last year's PSP here in my hand and wouldn't bother to upgrade to today's updated PSP-3000. But this PSP2, well, I'd snap one of these babies up in a heartbeat. Imagine if it had a phone built in, a super-crisp high-contrast OLED scrolling screen, Bluetooth capability and fast wireless connectivity.

It's vaporware today for sure, but methinks we could be gazing at the portable media and communications device of the future. My prediction: Three years from now, when it comes to hand-held talkies, we'll either be using gizmos like this — or given our current econo-predicament, maybe big noisy drums and smoke signals.

Via Yanko Design