Optical scanners break down in early Florida voting

November 4th might turn out to be a very long day. That's when polls open across the U.S., but the early voting has already begun. First we heard about electronic voting machines switching votes in West Virginia, now there's a report from a local Jacksonville, Florida TV station of problems with optical scanners in that state.

Jacksonville area voters waited in long lines as precinct officials struggled to fix the balky optical scanners, which indicated that the ballots used were too long to be scanned. There were seven malfunctioning scanners replaced, with an additional ten ordered as backups. Meanwhile, voters were allowed to cast their ballots and place them in an "emergency bin" for later counting or scanning.

Duval County Elections Supervisor Jerry Holland said, "It's frustrating when we bought new equipment for this and we are having some problems that didn't show up at all during testing." The brand and model of scanner wasn't mentioned in the report. How will you vote? Find out what machine or method you'll be using in our extensive county-by-county voting machine map.

News4Jax, via Huffington Post