One British company already plans to fight against evil robots

The threat of a serious robot uprising is ever-present. Well, in books and movies and all of that, anyway. But one British company will help you not only detect and monitor robotic threats, but destroy them, too. Hmm.

Called the WAR (or Weapons Against Robots) Defence Company, the company's got a bunch of planned armaments to take those evil tin cans down. Everything from "Autonomous Against Autonomous" systems — wait, isn't that just sending one robot after another robot? — biological weaponry, computer viruses and more. In all seriousness (though it's very hard to take WAR's goofy website seriously), armed 'bots are becoming more advanced and more prevalent, but not so much so that the masses need to worry.

Poke around the site and see if you feel any safer.

WAR Defence Company, via BotJunkie, via Telegraph UK