Nintendo updates the DS Lite with the DSi

Nintendo just unveiled its newest handheld gaming console in Japan: the Nintendo DSi. The third generation of its venerable DS handheld, following the original and the DS Lite, the DSi keeps about the same form factor while adding some important new features.

For one, both the screens are now 17% larger, clocking in at 3.25 inches apiece, and the entire package is a bit thinner. In addition, there's now a 0.3 megapixel camera attached (awesome?) as well as "audio enhancements" that will turn it into a portable music player. Gone is the Game Boy Advance cartridge slot, replaced with an SD card slot for loading it up with music. The DS Lite will continue to be available if you're into GBA games or don't really care about a camera that makes cellphone cameras look super-powerful. It drops in Japan on November 1st, arriving elsewhere sometime next year.

Via Kotaku