Mouse wheel lets you, your boss know how fast you're typing

You sit at your desk all day, typing away for the man without any encouragement at all. Wouldn't it be nice if you had something that made you want to type faster other than your general fear of getting laid off? Because really, that's not very fun encouragement.

This mouse in a wheel, however, is very fun encouragement. You simply plug it into your USB port, and as you type faster, the mouse runs faster on its wheel. If you stop, it stops, giving you a nice visual of how unproductive you are throughout the day. Of course, if your boss notices this and also notices over time that the mouse is stationary more often than not, you might be just giving him a big signal as to who should be first to go when the hammer falls. But hey, it's cute! Right?

Birdygift, via Oh Gizmo!