Motorola Aura, super-attractive fancyphone for the tech-challenged

Motorola is going upscale. Check out Aura, a $2000 jewel of a cell phone aimed at the luxury market. It's the first to have a circular display. Notice how that 1.55-inch sapphire crystal-protected screen is positioned as the hub for its rotating front, swiveling to prepare for use rather hinging open like Moto's usual clamshell design. Motorola says its rotation is exceedingly smooth, thanks to 130 precision ball bearings hidden underneath.

Besides its industrial design cred, the phone contains pretty much standard-issue cell phone tech, with music and video playing capabilities, a basic 2-megapixel camera, and the standard Moto neglect for 3G service, opting for the poky EDGE instead.

But hey, if you're overloaded with cash, want to just make phone calls and check an occasional email while looking like you're talking into a 22nd-century geegaw, mark December 4th on your calendar — your new Aura will be waiting.

Via Unwired View