Mobile Mind Control: Strapya offers cell phone commuter alarm

If you want a window into the soul of Japan and its relationship to technology you need look no further than the Bus Buzzer Cell Phone Strap from Strapya. The device's function and operation are simple: if you can't reach the bus' stop signal you simply press the tiny button on the device, which issues the same tone as an average Japanese bus, and like magic the bus will stop in its tracks (check out the company's demonstration video here).

If this seems like a frivolous piece of technology with no real impact, you might want to watch this video which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Japanese citizens are well trained when it comes to mechanical sound prompts. While most of you won't find yourself on a Japanese bus anytime soon, it might be a good test/prank for your local Japanese friend, and for just 880 yen ($8.50) it's an exceedingly affordable, yet uber-geeky mobile phone accessory.

Via Strapya World