Mimo UM-710 USB display adds 7 useful inches of screen to your desktop

Plug one of these 7-inch Mimo displays into a USB port, and you have instant convenience. The Mimo UM-710 shows up in your Display Settings control panel just like any other monitor, and you can drag any window or widget onto it for your viewing pleasure. If you're wondering whatever became of the much-ballyhooed Windows Vista Sideshow, well, maybe this means the idea won't be a flop after all.

Imagine dropping an email window onto it, keeping an eye on that as you go about your business. Choose vertical or horizontal orientation, and then maybe put a palette of tools from Photoshop there, keeping the rest of your screen free. Park weather widgets on it, an RSS feed, reminders — it's adding screen real estate to a small, go-to area.

Best of all, these things are cheap. How's $78 for this 800x480 display sound? Spend $147 and you get the fancier UM-750, adding touchscreen capability, webcam and DMB television reception (which works only in Korea thus far) to the mix. Available in Korea now, let's hope these babies make their way stateside before too long.

Fun Shop, via Technabob