Mercedes-Benz shows us its race car for 2025

With Lewis Hamilton hoping to capture the Formula One driver's championship next weekend in a McLaren-Mercedes, the German car maker has given us a glimpse of how they see the future of racing. Formula Zero racing will combine elements of land yachting, luge, and the thrill of Formula One, along with a sensitivity for environmental issues which is typically at odds with today's racing.

Each team is given a fixed amount of energy to complete the race, and points are awarded based on a combination of elapsed time and energy efficiency. Even the spectators will get a futuristic perspective, as the race will be run on a glass track allowing them to watch the race from below!

If this all sounds pretty far fetched, at least one small part of it becomes reality next year when Formula One will start using regenerative braking to give the cars a brief power burst when passing.

Mercedes-Benz Formula Zero, via Born Rich