Launch Kontrol remote firework launcher fires off explosions like a pro

Even though consumer fireworks are illegal in many states, home fireworks are getting bigger and better anyway. But who wants to blow off a hand while igniting all those high explosives? Now your rockets can make a hellacious racket in relative safety with the Launch Kontrol remote firework launcher, firing up those illuminating displays from a safe distance of up to 75 feet away.

Clip the igniters onto the fuses of up to five fireworks at a time, and the remote control gives you all that firepower in the palm of your hand, launching all five in sequence. The remote system with 15 of the "e-clip" igniters will set you back $35, with a pack of 15 extra clips for $17. Or if you really want to be like an old-skool pro, use a flare to fire 'em up instead.

Maplin, via Oh Gizmo