Honda's conceptual Great Racer zips over land, sea and air

When you set designers loose with a theme like "the world of motorsport in the year 2025" you're bound to get some absolutely insane designs. Looking at the sleek, versatile Honda Great Racer, that's exactly what came out of it.

Dreamed up by Franco Corral for Honda's Research and Development division, the Great Racer speeds across the raceway of — can you guess? — the Great Race: "Spanning six months, the Great Race brought [the pilots] over 22,000 miles, through three continents and around the world." The Great Racer is built to handle any environment or terrain, and it's lithe sickle-like extensions house its wheels, and act as hydrofoils as well as its wings.

Check out the gallery below for more of the Great Racer, or click through for it's full conceptual story.

From Honda Research and Development:

In 1908, 17 men dared to take on the “toughest race ever devised.”

Spanning six months, the Great Race brought these men over 22,000 miles, through three continents and around the world.

117 years later, the Great Race of 2025 is tougher than ever.

Competitors must circumnavigate the globe in 24 hours on land through the United States, by sea through Asia and by air over Europe.

The vehicle’s sonar/echolocation sensors are able to detect changes in speed, terrain, and altitude, allowing it to switch to any configuration.

With expertise in automotive, marine, robotics, and jet technologies already in place, Honda possesses a distinct, competitive advantage over its rivals, allowing it to lead in the evolution of motorsports in the 21st century.

Via Car Body Design