High tech cutlery stops you cheating on your diet

One of the problems with dieting, is juggling all of those fat, calorie, and portion size numbers. Sure, you could walk around with a calculator strapped to your wrist, but you would still have to measure everything and then enter all of those numbers.

The IC3 intelligent cutlery system consists of a computerized handle, with interchangeable knife, fork, and spoon heads, which measures your food as you eat it. The forks sensors measure fat, protein, and sugar content, while the spoon weighs the food, and the knife ensures that the internal temperature is safe. Designer Alex Schulz says that after the meal, the handle can compile the information and produce a report. In addition to dieters, this could be a big plus for diabetics and others who need to monitor their food intake.

For now, the IC3 system is just a concept that's on display at the Designparcours Munich 2008 exhibition.

Yanko Design