Herman Miller tops Aeron Chair with Embody

If you thought the Herman Miller Aeron chair was the top-dog place to park your posterior, take a look at this. Now it's 14 years after that ultra-comfortable chair's debut, desk jockeys — time for Herman Miller to top itself with the new Embody.

Check out that high back to rest your noggin, with "flexors" strategically positioned to let your back rest easy. The seat cushion is specially designed, too, with 93 interconnected discs to move with you as you get squirmy. They're so advanced, its designers call them "pixels." Yeah! No wonder it took them over two years to design this throne.

You'll be able to order up an Embody in your choice of 13 colors and three finishes starting early in 2009. Too bad you could get two Aeron chairs for the price of one of these babies — it'll set you back a cool $1595. Ouch. However, sitting in an exquisite Aeron as I type this, I must say that if this Embody is even better than the Aeron, it's well worth it. The desk chair is the most important piece of writing equipment I own.

Fortune, via Freshome