Gorgeous "X Sting Wish" extinguisher may as well shoot friggin' laser beams

The X Sting Wish: stupid name, drool-worthy design.

UK-based designer Adam Scott bills this monster as an extinguisher of fires, but we'd readily believe it as an exterminator of aliens in an action-packed sci-fi flick. Scott designed the X Sting Wish to be a lot easier to understand and operate than your average extinguisher, while still being just as recognizable. It's got a big trigger and enough firing options to make even Judge Dredd happy, including powder, CO², and water modes. Seems like concept designers are trying to turn fire extinguishers into rifles these days, and we're not complaining.

Check out the gallery below for more slick renders of Scott's conceptual X Sting Wish — especially that ginormous one up first.

Via Adam Scott