Gorgeous Brionvega RR226 record/CD/DVD combo appeals to my inner Luddite

If you look at the front of the Brionvega RR226, pictured above, you can make out what looks like a robotic face with the dials and displays and speaker layout. That's how both the RR226 and its '65 predecessor, the Radiofonografo RR126, got the nicknames of being "musical component robots."

But the robot-faced stereos aren't just for show. Brionvega has made its name creating decks using high quality amps and speakers, combining odd mixes like a phonograph, radio and a record player — and now the latter with a CD/DVD drive as well. With the RR126 hard to come by, the idea of the new RR226 is very tempting indeed.

No word on price yet, but when the Brionvega RR226 drops, you can expect to need a lot more than just what's in your wallet.

Brionvega, via Born Rich