Four Wii games that aren't for kids

Shacknews has a look at four Wii games your grandparents won't be interested in playing. Based on demos at a recent Nintendo media event, the writer was unimpressed with the ports of Dead Rising ("controls with all the intuitiveness of a 1996 PlayStation FPS") or Call of Duty 5 ("like the [Xbox 360] version, but with more difficult controls and fuzzier graphics").

The more intriguing Wii offerings for hardcore gamers are the traditional sci-fi shooter Conduit and the stark black-and-white gore-fest Madworld. Like the best Wii games, they're both exclusives, built specifically for the system. They both look good in their own way: Conduit looks good for a Wii game and Madworld just looks good, period. Unfortunately, they're not due out until next year, after a Wii Christmas likely to be dominated by Animal Crossing, Wii Music, High School Musical 3, and a freaky new Cooking Mama in 3D. For the rest of 2008, the best of the Wii looks like it will continue to be insufferably cute.

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