FlashLauncher shoots incapacitating pepperballs like a machine gun

When a gun or Taser is overkill and a pocket knife won't get the job done, here's a self-defense device that can put a stinging stream of hot pepper balls right where it hurts. FlashLauncher looks like a big flashlight, and it can work like one, too, with its 100-lumen light. But that's going to come in handy when you need to aim those pepperballs right where you want them, made more accurate by laser-assisted aiming.

At 2.2 pounds, this is a large and heavy weapon, but it's not as hefty as a lot of guns, and it sure beats having to kill somebody who might just be drunk or otherwise temporarily deranged. It's no wimp, spitting out five incapacitating pepperballs in rapid succession like a machine gun. That's gotta hurt, with that stinging impact and then that peppery powder wafting around. Ouch. If it can save your life, the FlashLauncher's $400 price might be worth it.

PepperBall, via Danger Room