Duct tape bandages are the badass way to heal your cuts

Even tough guys get nicks and cuts sometimes, and those nicks and cuts need to be bandaged up, no matter how rugged and manly you are. That doesn't mean, however, that you need to mar your body with some sissy band-aid. No, sir. You need a bandage that's as tough and masculine as you are. Like one made of duct tape.

Everyone knows that duct tape is the manliest of adhesives, so it only makes sense that it's unique strength and shine should come to some bandages. Simply slap it on over your wound and keep workin'. It'll either look like you accidentally left a strip of duct tape on your skin or that you're so badass that you simply used straight duct tape to seal a wound. In actuality, it hides a healthy, safe bandage. Everybody wins, tough guy.

Amazon, via Boing Boing