Crazy $19K pen thinks it's a watch

Okay folks, this is about as extravagant as it gets. Behold 1010, a limited edition 18k gold pen from Swiss baublemaker Caran d'Ache that's built to "celebrate the special genius of watchmakers." Called 1010 because of the balanced look of a watch's hands at that time of day or night, this exquisite writing instrument has non-working gears mounted on a sleeve, nestled underneath the pen's transparent surface just for the fun of it.

It's rife with design cues alluding to a fine timepiece, including its clip that looks like a watch hand, a decorative balance wheel mounted between two rubies under a sapphire dome, and tiny tick marks etched around its barrel. It even has a special ruby-encrusted piston pump to move the ink from its interior to its gear-festooned nib.

We're not sure how many of these decadent $19,000 (and up, depending on your choice of rhodium-coated silver or gold) objects will be selling these days in light of the global financial meltdown, but we can window shop, can't we?

Caran d'Ache
, via Very High End