Commuter sleep goggles displays your destination on your face

If you've got a long commute on a train, you've probably nodded off a few times. And if you've fallen asleep on a train, you've probably missed your stop, which makes you late for work. Not good! That's why Pyocotan has developed "Noriko-san," a mask that's designed for napping commuters.

In addition to blocking off light and allowing you to get some shut-eye, it has a display on its front that shows what stop you plan on getting off at. That way, the people around you can wake you up when you approach it. It relies on the goodness of the people on the train with you, and it also assumes that not everyone will be sleeping, but it could be a good fail-safe for those nappers who have a tendency to sleep past their stop and end up late for work.

Pink Tentacle, via New Launches