Chevy Volt to get you a $7,500 tax break

Do you have your eyes on the upcoming Chevy Volt plug-in hybrid, the deal just got a whole lot sweeter. While the official price is supposedly around $40,000, it's going to be $7,500 cheaper thanks to some pretty sweet tax breaks included in last week's massive government bailout bill.

In order to promote eco-friendly technology and the corporations that engineer them, the government is planning to offer a whopping $7,500 tax credit to anyone who purchases a Volt. The bill doesn't mention the Volt by name, but it's the only car that meets the standard of having a 4 kWh (or greater) battery. Presumably, more will come along in the future that will also be eligible for the tax break. So, does this push you towards the Volt?

DailyTech, via CrunchGear