CEATEC: Docomo unveils pocket cinema cell phone projector

This year’s CEATE has already packed more punch than the last few years combined, and the latest offering from NTT Docomo unveiled at the event continues the new trend. The company, known for its powerful grip on the Japanese cell phone market and its recent loss to Softbank for the Japan rights to the iPhone, unveiled a prototype cell phone that would double as a video projector.

The projector would screen a 20-inch image from a distance of about 80 centimeters and would offer about 100 minutes of operating time, just enough to watch your favorite TV show, podcast, or a short film. Although the device might appear to be pie-in-the-sky concept gadgetry on the part of Docomo, the company claims it plans to have a working version of the device ready for commercial use in about three years.

Via Nikkei