Carcade turns backseat traveling into a futuristic video game

Man, sometimes I wish I was born a few years later. While I suffered through multi-hour car trips in the backseat of my parents car with nothing to entertain me but my dad's lousy taste in music and guessing games, kids these days have loads of high-tech entertainment to keep them sedated. And now, one of the coolest-looking car-based video games ever is coming out.

This Carcade game uses a webcam to take video of the scenery going by outside the car and turns it into a dynamic video game, transforming the trees and buildings you pass into objects you can interact with in the game. The faster the car moves, the harder the game is. It seems like an amazing piece of technology, albeit one that may promote some car sickness in the backseat. But hey, that's a small price to pay for an actual entertaining road trip to grandma's house. Hit the jump for a video of the game in action.

Carcade, via Oh Gizmo!