Bulletproof polos make golf course assassinations a thing of the past

Now you can pop your collar and survive all the bullets you're likely to take for being so ridiculous fashionable. Straight out of London's famous Harrod's department store is Colombian Miguel Caballero's polo shirt made from bulletproof fabric, and its designed to take hits from light weapon's fire.

Caballero has made a name for himself by making security products for fashion-minded security professionals and contractors, and has attracted the attention of high profile figures such as Prince Felipe of Spain and Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez.

High profile attention also means high prices, though, and this is probably the most expensive shirt you'll ever buy: $12,000. Caballero's outfit also does custom designs, if you needed some bulletproof slacks to match.

Miguel Caballero, via Affluent Page Luxury Index, via Born Rich