British Airways now booking flights on its $14m flight simulator

British Airways Executive Club members are now able to try their own hand at flying a plane on one of the air carrier's $14 million CAE 7000 Series full-flight simulators. It offers wannabe pilots a fleet of Boeing aircraft to choose from, with a crisp wrap-around display, seating for a full cockpit crew, automated vocal warnings (if you dip too close to the ground, for instance), and, since its an enclosed simulator, full motion feedback. All you need is a stewardess bringing you microwaved meals and you're all set.

Flights on the simulators owned by British Airways last anywhere from one hour to three, but — if you're reading this and you happen to have a roll of cash $14 million large sitting on your desk — CAE will actually install and maintain its simulators for individuals.

CAE 7000 Series full-flight simulator, via BookOfJoe