Brick LEGO radiator keeps you warm while looking cool

It's starting to get cold outside, time to start thinking about warmth, heating, and radiators. So you need to either hide that ugly radiator or somehow fit it into your chic décor. Add this LEGO-style number, called Brick, to that LEGO-style furniture motif you have going, and all the other adult children will be thrilled with your good design sense.

This is a real radiator, though, designed by architect Marco Baxadonne for serious Italian towel-heater and radiator maker Scirocco. It so happens that those LEGO-like projections are plenty efficient, spreading the heat with their enhanced surface area. Add to that some fancy plumbing inside that lets you snap together pieces of the radiator like LEGO, and you’ve got yourself a real conversation piece.

Scirocco, via Trendir