Brando wireless RF mini-keyboard, perfect for home theater PCs

Someday soon, most of us will have computers in our home theaters, and we'll be needing a mini keyboard like this one from Brando. What's so great about it? Two letters: RF. Its radio frequency control works up to 30 feet — and even through walls — letting you tuck away a home theater PC in the next room where its noise and heat will be outta sight and earshot. The result? Peace, quiet, and remote control.

The $48 keyboard communicates with a USB receiver that you plug into that PC, using the 2.4GHz frequency that's gotten to be familiar and dependable. You can control your cursor with a mini trackball, but we'd rather use a Bluetooth or RF mouse. Our only complaint is that Function key, positioned exactly where the Control key should be. Other than that, it's small enough to stay out of the way but big enough to actually use, and looks good.

Via Brando