BioWare's Team Fortress 2 costumes blow away whatever you plan on wearing

Hot diggity. It looks like every costume at BioWare's office this year was a hit. The crew nailed the scout, demo man, spy, pyro and engineer from Team Fortress 2's pantheon, a game by fellow developer Valve. The good news here is that it looks like BioWare had an awesome day at the office. The bad news? It looks like they'll have to push Dragon Age back a day, because they couldn't have gotten any work done.

Other sweet costumes include Scorpion from Mortal Kombat, Pac-Man's Blinky, Solid Snake, a disturbingly well done Pyramid Head from Silent Hill, and an equally impressive Nemesis from Resident Evil. No Mass Effect or Star Wars costumes from BioWare's own games, though I'm sure they dress up like that every other day of the year.

(Also check out this dude wearing the Mask of Vulcan, and shots of Nemesis and Pyramid Head chillaxing.)

Via the BioWare Community Team's Flickr