Aerosystems speakers: iPod docks for the wealthy

I love it when companies that cater to rich audiophiles make iPod-compatible devices. I mean, we're talking about customers willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars for speakers, and you're going to tell them the best way to enjoy them is to plug an MP3 player into them? The same MP3s that are compressed sound files? Talk about exposing yourself as a fraud.

The Aerosystems line of loudspeakers are big, impressive-looking speakers designed for the discerning audiophile. Their major flaw, however, is also one of their biggest advertised features: built-in iPod docks. Seriously? What kind of self-respecting audiophile would play MP3s on these speakers? MP3s are the enemy of audiophiles. These appeal to the dumbest, least-informed version of that demographic: rich guys who are too lazy to do research. And the sad thing is, they'll probably sell a lot of them.

Via BornRich