Anara Tower, arguably the most beautiful building in the world

In a rush to build the maximum number of gigantic and magnificent skyscrapers before the oil runs out, Dubai is at it again. Just look at this 2150-foot monster, the Anara Tower, scheduled to be built next year. The skyscraper will be about 500 feet shorter than the world's tallest building — the Burj Dubai located nearby and nearly complete — but it'll still be one of the most massive structures ever built.

Designed by the British Atkins Design Studio, the Anara Tower will be home to offices, 300 of the most expensive apartments in the world, and a 250-room luxo-hotel. The tower will have a tremendous atrium in the middle and gardens every 27 floors. Topping the structure will be a crazy-looking propeller-like structure, where the hub of those spokes will house a glass capsule containing one of the most swank restaurants in the world. And no, it does not revolve.

Holy moly. This is fantastic. The most amazing feat will be if construction actually begins on schedule late next year, even with oil prices in freefall. That could change, but if not, maybe the Dubai titans of the United Arab Emirates who are building such wonders have fat savings accounts somewhere.

Urbanity, via Ecofriend