10 best iPhone costumes

With all the serious news that's surrounded the iPhone over the past year, it's good to remind ourselves that it's actually a damn fun gadget. Halloween represents an opportunity to celebrate the iPhone in a unique way: in costume form. We searched the Internet for 10 best, funnest and cleverest takes on iPhone costumes. These folks really Dress Different, if only for one day a year.

Did we miss any? Share links to any cool iPhone outfits in the comments section.


1. The Clever Apps One
Kicking off the list is this clever fellow's take on the iPhone: At first it looks pretty conventional, but looking closer, you see that he's put in some fun apps that you won't find in the App Store — click the picture to see a larger version. Wonder what happens when you tap "Wa Wa Wee"…


2. The One with Giant Earbuds
This is one of many reasons I hate earbuds; they're constantly getting all tangled up. But I had to give this couple bonus points for turning their costumes into a relationship metaphor, whether intentional or not. "You're the earbuds to my iPhone, baby."

3. The Doggie One
I've never been one for dressing up dogs for Halloween, but for those mutts that can't stop chewing on themselves, this sure beats having to wear one of those cones. Not that Fido here looks too happy about his getup. Displaying a photo that looks like the rest of the dog's body was a nice touch, don't ya think?


4. The Headless One
Props to this guy for designing an iPhone costume that doesn't have his head sticking out of it.


5. The Kiddie One
This poor kid's mother spent hours making his costume, and his expression tells it all. It may be cool for mommy, but If you're a toddler, the iPhone's got nothing on SpongeBob.


6. The Ones with Working Screens
If nothing else, you have to love these guys' commitment. Their costumes reportedly weigh about 60 pounds each, meaning they can work off much of the candy they no doubt will swipe from their kids. But what really separates their costumes is the fact that they feature actual animation. Check out this video.


7. The iPod Ones
Yes, we're straying off the iPhone path, but when you dress your entire family as assorted iPods, you really deserve some props. Or at least a visit from child protective services.


8. The Stroller One
I had no idea iPhones could display such crystal clear imagery. Oh, wait, that's a REAL baby. Come to think of it, ever seen a mother nurse her iPhone? Gives a whole new meaning to the term "early adopter."


9. The iPhone+MySpace One
Here's a clever integration of MySpace profile and iPhone. Just don't click for more pics.


10. The 'Touch Me, Baby' One
Be honest. If you were Snow White, having been drugged and left for dead by an evil queen, and then your Prince Charming showed up, what would you prefer? To ride off into the sunset on his horse, or touch his buttons to call the cops and make sure they nab the queen before she boards a plane for Argentina? Uh-huh, I thought so.