10 R2-D2 costumes that'll make you go 'Weeee-oooh!'

Capping off our day of Halloween costume roundups is everyone's favorite droid, R2-D2. Artoo joins the iPhone, the folks at BioWare, and fellow robots on this haunted day at DVICE.

Click through for 10 Halloween outings featuring the beeping Star Wars superstar as a handmade costume, an accessory and something to stuff your kid into.

1. Drunk-Two-Dee-Two AKA the DIY nightmare. Caught without a costume, one man looked at his trashcan and a light bulb went off in his head.
2. The Handmade Droid It even comes with step-by-step instructions on how to make one for your own kid, and it doesn't look half bad.
3. Arts-N-Crafts-Too As lovable as the original Artoo. Some kids have all the luck. I'm flashing back to the costumes my mother used to make me, and yeah… I'm not bitter. Nope.
4. R2-Cheaptwo You get what you pay for. This is what $23 looks like in the droid world.
5. Just R2, No D2 Mass producing astromech droids isn't cheap. Sometimes you have to cut corners and just use fabric instead of metal. Well, this guy was halfway there at least.
6. The Odd Couple Vader palling around with rebel scum! The best part is this little Artoo looks as surprised as we are.
7. Aunty Mimi as R2-D2 "Aunty Mimi was desperate to squeeze into the R2-D2 costume! " Extra points for the Tatooine-like pants and boots.
8. Baby D2 Typical. Looks like our Vader from up above is getting his Stormtroopers (one of the scout troopers, if we want to be picky) to take the baby out. Can't you spend time with just one of your kids, Daddy Darth?
9. Artoo Dastoo A droid from Germany. And look, there's Luke chomping down on some sweets to his left. I bet he doesn't offer Artoo any.
10. "The One-Up-Dee-Two" This guy's got some droid bragging rights. Instructables user RC_Jedi built it from scratch, and it sounds like it even moves: "it's body is sonotube, a paper tube to mold concrete piers. dome is 18" squirrel cover for bird feeder. 2 saturn windshield wiper motors for feet drive."