Zune Bug MP3 nightlight lulls or excites, depending on your music library

Designer Ashley Payne decided to add some colorful lighting to the Zune scene with a Zune-branded, MP3-playing nightlight. The Zune Bug works in any outlet and will stream music from your Zune over your home's network when it detects a low-light situation. The color of the lighting is determined by the type of music being played (which could work either by a tempo-based solution or from the tags included with most songs) and, depending on what's on your playlist, you'll enjoy a nice, soothing night time experience or have a rockin' house that can't get to sleep.

Ashley Payne's Zune Bug is just a concept at this time, but it makes sense. I don't know if I'd need the night light portion of it, but I often play music when heading to bed.

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Yanko Design, via Gizmodiva