Wireless outdoor speaker/light makes fresh air more palatable

If you're hanging out outside in the evening, two things are important to have: light and music. Well, and food and booze, but just work with me on this. This wireless outdoor speaker with a nightlight provides both of the aforementioned essentials. It's splash-proof, meaning it's durable enough to survive out in your yard with your drunk friends. You can hang it somewhere or attach the included spike and jam it into the ground.

It comes with a transmitter that you can plug into your stereo, iPod, computer, TV, or anything else you want to have broadcast to your garden party. The light consists of three white LED bulbs, which are long-lasting and bright. You'll need 5 AA batteries for the main unit, with the transmitter requiring 2 AAAs. There's still some warm weather left this year; take advantage! And don't forget the food and booze.

Boys Stuff, via Book of Joe