Wireless HDTV is coming soon to a TV near you

At the just concluded CEDIA Expo we saw plenty of cool wireless systems for distributing music throughout your house, but it looks like sending HD video without wires is proving to be a tougher nut to crack. A few weeks back we looked at a wireless HD video protocol called WHDI, and at CEDIA, a handful of companies demonstrated products using this or other similar technologies which they promise to deliver soon.

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First out of the gate will likely be the Belkin FlyWire, which can send 1080p HD signals throughout your house without compression. Delivery is promised for November, but the price will be a wallet busting $1499. A lower cost version with less range will be offered early next year.



Sony wasn't divulging too much information about their Bravia Wireless Link, and the only one I found on their stand was jammed in on its side next to a PS3 and a Blu-ray player. The receiver end will be an optional add-on for certain Bravia sets, while the transmission rate is limited to 1080i. Delivery is expected in November.



Few people are familiar with Aurora Multimedia, but they too were showing an upcoming HD wireless video link. Their system appears to use the WHDI technology and should be available in January. Price, $699.

Aurora Multimedia


It might seem strange for a company built around selling expensive cables, to come up with a product that gets rid of them. But when you can charge $699 for a wireless connection, there should still be plenty of scope for profit even if you're not selling fancy schmantzy wires. Monster claims that their Digital Express HD offers 1080p transmission with no compression, the only catch being that it isn't expected to ship until next June.