Wine glass surrounded by a crazy carafe

Now you can really freak out your guests by whipping out this Wine Carafe with Glass. Wait until they've had quite a few drinks and then reveal this work of art by Claudio Colucci, and we'd suggest carefully filling the glass with one drink and the rest of the container with its mixer, shaking them up just before serving. Or fill it up with vino and just drink the whole thing yourself, later truthfully saying you had just one glass of wine.

Colucci created this hand-blown masterpiece in 2001, and now he's re-releasing the clever container after perfecting his production technique. Hey, what if his next edition contained a tiny ship, built inside the wine glass? Get right on that, Claudio. We've seen some cool carafes around here. but this one beats all. Could be a humorous gift for $125 from the Museum of Modern Art.

MoMA Store, via Notcot