What's that alien flying machine? Tomy QFO sightings due later this month

Just when we were extolling the virtues of highly controllable and cheap remote controlled helicopters, along comes Tomy with a less-controllable alien craft it calls the QFO. Part of Tomy's Q series, this tiny flier give you a choice of bodies, or you can snap on a convincing-looking flying saucer shell that should scare up a dog or cat in the vicinity.

So these little critters go up, they go down, and you laugh for a while. Don’t be thinking you're going to go steering them every which way. This better be cheap. There's no pricing info forthcoming yet, but the company says you might want to look out for some QFO sightings later this month. Hit Continue for a oddly-voiced video of the mini-alien craft in action.

Via Oh Gizmo