Week in Review: Tech wonders, futurism, and the ultimate arcade cabinet

This week we found out there's actually nine wonders in the world, and they're all at the Electrolux Design Labs '08 competition. As if that discovery isn't enough to herald in a new era, what if you lived in a world without computer operating systems? It's not all craziness this week, however. Check out our review of the Pinnacle Video Transfer system, as well as the iPod-juicing SRS iWow adapter.

Like cars? If you thought the Chevy Volt looked pretty bland, you haven't seen its interior. Appearances can be deceptive, especially in the tech world. Consider: iPhone buttons, or cupcakes? Camera lens, or coffee mug? Seinfeld episode, or Microsoft commercial? Hmm…

Here are more top headlines of the week:

Ultimate arcade cabinet can play just about every game ever
If it has been emulated, the C-MACC can play it.

Cocoon may make gaming a much more immersive experience
Add a fridge and a shower and you'll never move again.

Kodak debuts world's first wireless OLED picture frame
It has Wi-Fi to boot, so you can email photos right to your frame.

Tiny creatures brave the vacuum, become first to ever survive open space
Figures, the first real aliens actually look scary, too.

The Miyabi wooden surveillance camera
Big Brother goes organic.

Symbiotic Villa, Zaha Hadid's exotic house from another planet
We're still hoping for that summer home on Mars — Zaha Hadid gives us hope.

Chevy Volt battery pack could hit a snag
If you were ready for the Volt in 2010, there's something you should know.