We finally get to see the Chevy Volt electric car

Finally, we get a full-on look at Chevy Volt electric car! You saw a sneak peek at its center console and a few spy shots, but now here's a clear look at (almost) the entire car. Weird, though — they still don't want us to see the whole thing, instead posing some of the GM execs responsible for the vehicle. Get out of the way, guys!

While it still looks OK, too bad GM stylists have taken away those radical angles from its original design. But then, if it was all in the name of aerodynamics, maybe its more-mainstream looks are a worthy compromise. No matter. We're still on board, but hoping GM can bring the 2011 model to market on time (2010) and under budget (now creeping up to $40K and beyond).

Chevrolet, via Oh Gizmo and Autoblog