Video peek inside the futuristic interior of the 2011 Chevy Volt

You've seen (and maybe yawned at) the exterior of the upcoming 2011 Chevy Volt, now take a close-up video look at the interior of the GM electric car. Two 7-inch displays, touch screen and capacitive touch controls, a gear shifter that fits into the center console and a whole lot more coolness is in store for those early adopters adventurous enough to take a chance on the giant U.S. automaker in late 2010.

While we're a little disappointed with the homogenization of the exterior design (look at it before it got aerodynamically enhanced but aesthetically dumbed down), this interior has us stoked. And that 40-mile limit of a battery charge will be just enough for about 99% of our driving, hardly ever requiring us to use the Volt's gas engine to charge its batteries on the road.

Yeah, GM. It's about time. If this works out, we may just forgive you for killing the electric car the first time.

Via Autoblog