Tikitags turn any real-world object into a hyperlink

Pretty soon you may have to add one more peripheral to your computer desk: a Tikitag scanner. The scanner would be used to scan Tikitags, which are RFID-enabled stickies that you can program to link someone to a website when scanned, or open an application. For instance, you could make it so your kid could walk up and scan his teddy bear at the computer, which would open his favorite child-friendly video game. Or you could have your business card link to your website when scanned.

Tikitags will be available October 1st on Amazon for $50 — that'll get you the scanner and ten tags. There will also be packs of 25 tags available. For tagging things around the house, the Tikitag is a really neat idea. I can imagine it getting really expensive for someone who wants to use it on business cards — especially if your job has you handing out several dozen a week.

Tikitag, via CNET Webware, via SlashGear