The Vertical Bed: Power nap in the middle of the street

The man to the right may look like he's just leisurely waiting around (with an umbrella attached to his back), but he's actually taking advantage of artist Jamie O'Shea's Vertical Bed to have himself a power nap in the middle of the day.

When you're asleep, you obviously don't want to be bothered. That's a tall order on the streets of New York City, where the artist tested the bed. The Vertical Bed won't save you from poking and prodding, but with sunglasses on, noise-canceling headphones, a neck-pillow for comfort, and an umbrella to keep you dry, that's a pretty good start. The Vertical Bed will keep you upright thanks to hooks attached to the shoes that will lock into subway grates, and braces and concealed harnesses that keep your legs and back supported. It all conveniently folds down into a briefcase.

With technology like this, we could all just keep napping on and off throughout the day, and never have to sleep a full night again. Drones, rejoice!

Substitute Materials, via we make money not art, via SlipperyBrick