The Blade Runner, a bus that's at home on the rails and the road

If Rick Deckard had a versatile 18-wheeler to hunt down replicants with, his life probably would have been a lot easier. At least, that's what the Blade Runner, a bus concept by British firm Silvertip Design, promises to be. It drives on roads just like any other wheeled vehicle, but it also has a set of retractable train-wheels that it can deploy to make use of rail lines.

It's odd that it looks so much like a truck, as it's meant to carry 105 standing and sitting people, not crates. If the Blade Runner was ever built, it'd be interesting to see if it would be useful enough to replace the commute of people who take buses to trains, or if it would even augment public transportation in a meaningful way.

Check out the gallery below for more of the Blade Runner truck… train. Train truck. "Tru…ain?" Hmm…

Silvertip Design, via Dark Roasted Blend, via Auto Motto