Sony throws down the gauntlet in the slim and sexy TV stakes

Super-slim TVs are the new religion at Sony, at least if you go by a couple new models the company is showing at CEDIA.

Following CES trade show back in January, we thought that OLED was going to be their ticket onto the sleek and thin bandwagon. But now they have demonstrated that they can achieve similar slimness using their tried and true LCD panel technology. The 40 inch BRAVIA KLV-40ZX1M is a mere 10 millimeters thin, and just in case you're not fully up to speed with metric measurements, that's about the thickness of a Blu-ray Disc case.

Having a super-slim TV wouldn't be much fun without an audio system to match, so Sony has us covered there too. The BDV-IT1000 home theater system includes a Blu-ray player, and the slimmest hi-fi speakers I've ever seen. Each one is about the same thickness of your thumb, and includes several long skinny flat drivers.

Both the KLV-40ZX1M ($4500), and the BDV-IT1000 will be available late this year.