Sony goes totally wireless with its wafer-thin OLED display

Those super-sharp 3mm-thin Sony OLED TVs captured our imagination, big time. The real eye-opener is the company's demo of a group of completely wireless versions of the screen that run on battery power. The 11-inch displays include an HDTV tuner, and can be either wall mounted or placed on an odd-looking stand (see the gallery below).

These appear to be a teaser products, but even so, wouldn't it be great to have a wafer-thin TV you could hang on a hook here and there as you go about your business? Maybe plug a flash drive in for your own movies or music? Add a processor, touchscreen, Wi-Fi and Google Chrome?

Hey, wait. That would be a tablet PC. OK, yeah, let's have one of those — with an OLED screen. Just keep the price under $500 and you have our undivided attention.

AV Watch, via Engadget