Small Wonder EZ300: Is that a high-def camcorder in your pocket?

RCA has expanded its popular Small Wonder line with new EZ300HD. For only $160, you get a pocket-sized cam that's capable of shooting 720p HD video and crisp pictures, with the same 2.4-inch screen and easy controls as previous Small Wonder camcorders — including the ability to toss videos you shoot right onto YouTube. You won't go very far with only 2GB of internal memory if you want more than just snippets of HD video, though. Luckily you can upgrade that by up to 16GB thanks to its SD card slot, which RCA clocks as about 10 hours' worth of HD capture.

The EZ300 is aimed squarely at consumers who aren't looking to make the next great indie movie, but instead at someone who wants something that'll capture moments to remember in a format that'll look good on modern televisions.