Skullcandy sticks an MP3 player into the side of their headphones

Fancy headphone makers Skullcandy have just unveiled a new set of headphones that come with an embedded portable media player, removing the need for wires of any kind. The portable media player slides into one side of the headphones, and it can be removed so you can change songs sort through your music. It also has a headphone jack, so if you want you can use it with any other set of headphones.

It's a pretty cool design, although I wonder if the convenience of not having to carry a music player would be outweighed by the added bulkiness and the necessity of sliding the PMP out of the headphones every time you wanted to change songs. It's certainly an interesting concept, and with Skullcandy's reputation for high-quality headphones, one that could do pretty well.

Via Slashgear