Professional Home Cinema speakers are guaranteed to piss off your neighbors

While few audiophiles have even heard of Professional Home Cinema, this Huntington Beach, CA, company makes the kind of speakers you might find in Tom Cruise's home theater. Using the same type of horn technology you'll find in commercial theaters, the systems are actively driven using thousands of watts of digital amplifier power.

In the pic above, designer L Paul Hales stands next to a new model that could probably be used for building demolition. During a demonstration at the Denver Athletic Club during CEDIA, Hales used the much smaller SCR-15s to shake and rattle everything that wasn't tied down on the third floor of the club. Despite that smaller model's 130-decibel capability, the sound was amazingly clear and undistorted. Price? Think upper five figures for a 5.1-channel surround rig.

Via Professional Home Cinema