Porsche Design cellphone is not as fast as it sounds

For most people, the name Porsche conjures up images of sophisticated design, exquisite quality, and most importantly, extreme speed. And while their new P'9522 delivers ample doses of those first two qualities, a web connection that relies on WiFi rather than a 3G network, makes it a bit closer to a Hyundai Accent in the high speed connection stakes. On the plus side, you do get a 5 Megapixel camera, a touch screen interface, and built in GPS.

Still, I'm sure that most potential customers for this Über candy bar phone will be more concerned with what kind of bulge that chunky aluminum shape makes in the pocket of their Armani suit, than in studying the feature set.

Shipping in November, it is expected to sell for about 600 Euros ($ 875), or about half the price of that other Porsche phone we looked at a while back.

Les Mobiles, via Born Rich