Plastic Logic creates larger, thinner flexible electronic newspaper using E Ink

Here's the next generation of e-reader, taking the same E Ink tech used in the Amazon Kindle and Sony Reader to the next level. Made by Plastic Logic, this flexible (but not foldable) electronic newspaper is the size of a regular 8.5x11" sheet of copier paper, making it 2.5 times larger than a Kindle, but weighs a mere two ounces more and is a third as thick. It'll have a wireless connection for quick updating, a gestural interface compatible with Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF documents, and a battery whose life will last "days, not hours," according to its creators.

Introduced at DemoFall08 in San Diego today, the company says we'll have to wait until CES 2009 in January to get a better glimpse at this innovative reader and an idea of its price. It's set for a launch sometime in the first half of 2009. This is an exciting innovation that substitutes plastic for glass in its weight-reduction routine, but we'd like to see a color display sometime soon, too. We'll be waiting at least a couple of years for that, though.

Plastic Logic, via New York Times